Burger King is Getting a Vegan Burger!

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In case you haven’t heard, word dropped last week that Burger King will be launching a vegan burger on their menu! This is amazing news, with the addition of vegan options at Carl’s Jr. and Del Taco it is easy to see that consumers want vegan options. I know I sure do! Even if you don’t frequent fast food often think of all of the people that do that might be willing to try a plant based option. So cool!

Carl’s Jr. and Del Taco Options

In 2018 we were graced with the Beyond Famous Star burger at Carl’s Jr. and the Beyond Meat tacos at Del Taco. I do want to point out that Carl’s Jr. features the Beyond Famous Star at all locations while the Beyond Meat tacos are only featured at select locations, all in Southern California and Oklahoma. I have not tried the Del Taco vegan items yet because I live in Oregon and it’s a little bit of a trek to get a taco for me. I do want to make a trip to LA/San Diego for a week to just eat vegan food. And go to Harry Potter at Universal. Sorry, slightly off topic…


I have heard great reviews about the taos so far though! From what I’ve heard they taste great and have a delicious classic Del Taco seasoning. And I believe that you can sub the beyond meat on several of the menu items to veganize them!

Now I can speak about the Beyond Famous Star burger from Carl’s Jr. because I’ve eaten it several times. It’s just too easy to be able to go to a drive-thru and bring dinner home. I do miss that from my pre-vegan days. Although I kind of don’t cause a lot of it is just bad for you. I digress. Back to the burger.


In a word, it’s delicious. It’s a classic char-grilled patty on a bun with lettuce, tomato and onion. Bomb. It does come with mayo and cheese, so just make sure to leave those bad boys off for a completely plant based burger. The burger also comes with some “special sauce” which is completely vegan, so feel free to leave it on there! To summarize, to get the Beyond Famous Star vegan simply ask for the burger with no mayo or cheese. Pro tip: pay $2 and make it a double burger. Yum! If you’re gluten free or keto you can even get your burger wrapped in lettuce. And don’t forget to add the french fries or crisscut fries, they are vegan too! Make it a meal for $10!

What’s the Word on Burger King?

There is a little bit of a catch to the vegan burger at Burger King though. Currently Morningstar Farms is the provider of the veggie patty at Burger King, but their patty is just vegetarian and not suitable for vegans. Side note: when I first when went vegan I ate a Burger King veggie burger thinking it was vegan… oops.

The catch is that Morningstar Farms has pledged to go fully plant based vegan by 2021. About damn time Morningstar! WooHoo! That being said we might not see a vegan burger at Burger King for a little while, and that is based on the assumption that they keep the Morningstar burger on their menu.


I think that with the rising popularity of vegan food will surely sway Burger King into introducing a fully vegan burger to the menu. Carl’s Jr. and Del Taco blew up the vegan fast food scene in 2018 and it’s not going unnoticed. I would be so excited for another vegan option. The more the merrier. So many road trip options for vegans! Or just lunch and dinner, you know, essentials.

Do People Want a Vegan Burger?

The veggie burger is actually in good demand at Burger King. They introduced it to their menu 17 (wow!) years ago, becoming the first national chain to offer a veggie burger. Since they obviously care about catering to their veg connoisseurs I am hopeful that Burger King will have an all vegan option soon!

I’m also kind of stoked that it’s Morningstar because their products are more vegetable patty based than faux meat stand-ins. I personally love the faux meat burgers, but I know that some vegans are not fans so this will be a win for everyone.

Current Vegan Items at Burger King

While we have to continue to wait for that vegan burger, did you know that Burger King already has some vegans items on their menu? Yep! And some pretty decent and even unique items that you can’t get at any other fast food places. Check out the list below for the vegan options at Burger King.


Hopefully there will be a vegan burger on this list one day.

I don’t know about you, but when that vegan burger drops I’m rolling through to get a meal with fries and an apple pie for dessert. Oh yea!

Final Thoughts

I am personally always so excited when non-vegan chains expand on their vegan menus. It’s just amazing to me to see the acceptance toward the vegan community. I don’t care if people are picking plant based fast food because they want to be healthier or because they identify with animal cruelty. I think that health is a great gateway to the vegan community. It was for me!

What do you think? Would you eat the vegan burger at Burger King? Let me know in the comments.

Talk to you soon!

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