Jada’s Chicken Salt Review

I would like to introduce you to my new favorite certified vegan seasoned salts. Chicken Salt is originally an Australian seasoning favorite, and Jada’s Chicken Salt has brought it to America and veganized it! I love knowing that all of these salts are certified vegan so I never have to worry about what hidden nasties might be in there or where the sugar is sourced from. I have gotten into the habit of sprinkling these little crystals of love on everything I eat and my taste buds have never been happier. They make adding some fun flavor to all of my meals so simple.

I purchased the Turmeric Salt at a vegan festival last summer and Jadas recently sent me three new flavors to try and share with you all. Pictured above are the Turmeric Salt, Barbecue Chicken Salt, Original Chicken Salt and Red Pepper Chicken Salt. Not pictured from the family are the Lime Chicken Salt and Low Sodium Chicken Salt.

About Jada Chicken Salt

My favorite part about this entire product line is that Jada’s really took care in creating excellent seasonings filled with high quality ingredients. Everything is so well thought out that many people with different dietary needs, from vegan to paleo to gluten free and beyond, will be able to use and fall in love with these seasoned salts. Every bottle of Jada’s is non-GMO, vegan and paleo friendly, soy free, gluten free, MSG free and sugar free (except the Barbecue flavor). One thing that I really love about the Turmeric salt is that Jada’s made sure to incorporate black pepper as an ingredient so that the curcurmin in the turmeric could be better absorbed by the body. I love that attention to detail.

Aside from dusting literally all of my food in whichever seasoning salt feels appropriate, I really enjoy these as an avocado toast topping, used as a soup broth base (great substitute for bouillon!), or sprinkled into rice to make some chicken flavored rice and create a great depth of flavor.

How To Use Jada Chicken Salt

Here I used both the Barbecue and Red Pepper Chicken Salts in a hearty bowl of chili. The salts took this bowl to the next level and made it pop with smoky, spicy flavor that had my husband begging for more.

PinitJada Chicken Salt Chili

Where to buy Jada Chicken Salt

So, where can you get these little bits of heaven from? You can either go directly to https://chickensalt.com/ or, my personal favorite, you can purchase the combo pack from Amazon and get one of everything.

Check out Jada Chicken Salt on Amazon (as an Amazon associate I earn from qualifying purchases): https://amzn.to/2MCXgVx

Don’t forget to follow Jada Chicken Salt on Instagram  for recipe ideas and happenings.

Talk to you soon!

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