Vegan Halloween Candy

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With Halloween coming up (woo!) I wanted to share a list of vegan candy that you can buy to hand out or enjoy for yourself.

What Halloween Candy is Vegan?

The world of vegan candy has expanded and gotten so huge in the past couple of years. There are so many new options that replicate some classic candies that we all loved growing up. However, sometimes it can be difficult to get those candies in your town or without having to place an order from an online store. The list of vegan candies I am providing here can be found in just about any grocery store. This will truly make your vegan Halloween feel simple and effortless.

PinitVegan Halloween Candy List

What Ingredients to Avoid

If you want a candy that is not on the list above just check the ingredients for these non vegan nasties commonly found in candy:

  • Carmine – red pigment from crushed bugs
  • Gelatin – boiled tendons, ligament and bones
  • Shellac – shiny coating made from insects

If you’re still not sure if the candy you’re checking out is vegan after reading this information then I say consult your best friend google. Happy haunting!

Talk to you soon!

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